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Sleep-deprived? Stressed? Can't focus?

We combine the power of clean CBD with all-natural ingredients in a convenient Stir STIK for at home or on the go.

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2x winner of Men’s Health Best CBD Sleep Product Award!

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How to Use Our STIKs

Each STIK offers a convenient, mess-free way to enjoy the benefits of CBD on-the-go.

Simply Peel & Stir or Pop & Pour™. In no time, you’ll have an easy and natural solution for deeper sleep, less stress, better focus, digestion and more.

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“I’ve been looking for a safe and effective option to help me sleep. This product offers a calming effect that allows me to relax and get a better nights sleep.”

– Marty / sleep

“I have a very stressful job in the mental health field. I noticed immediately my stress was more at ease when I took this before my shift. It helped me have a clearer mind and perform better.”

– Melanie / stress

“Ever felt what it's like to be in a state of flow? This is it. I love my lattes, but this was such a natural state of productivity that helped me get @#*% done.”

– Jess / focus

“Great. Been using several months. I add to a cup of sleepy tea in the evening and it works!”

– Linda / sleep

As a world-class athlete, Brian Mazza swears by HOLISTIK recover and sleep STIKs to support faster muscle repair, counteract soreness, and promote healing.

To achieve better results, I trust HOLISTIK recover STIKs to help me recover faster post-workout.

Why Brian Loves HOLISTIK

How HOLISTIK is Making an Impact

For every HOLISTIK STIK sold, we pull one plastic bottle out of the ocean through global projects with IMPACT COLLECTIVE.This is just our first step on our journey to going plastic-free and doing our part to solve the urgent problems our planet faces.

From a Biodynamic Greenhouse in New York

The perfect 10 mg dose, everytime
3rd-party tested
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What is CBD?

Still not sure CBD Wellness is right for you? We’re here to help! Our CBD 101 guide provides answers to the most frequently asked questions and more.

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