100% Greenhouse

HOLISTIK Wellness delivers a pre-portioned serving of broad-spectrum CBD in a portable beverage Stir STIK™. Each of our grab-n-go STIKs is packed with 10 mg of CBD Wellness, a proprietary blend of water-soluble hemp extract, which we exclusively source from our Biodynamic Greenhouse proudly located in upstate New York.

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A beautiful cola on a HOLISTIK hemp plant being grown in our exclusive Bio Dynamic greenhouse.


No pesticides. No GMOs.

In our innovative Biodynamic Greenhouse, we combine premium seeds, technology, food safety and sustainability to create a farm like no other.

Using our custom hydroponic farming systems, we work year-round in a clean, controlled environment to grow hemp the way that it’s supposed to be grown. Natural splendor meets Ag Tech to make Pick’d™ something special.


“Our semi-sealed greenhouse enables us to precisely control both the temperature and the humidity.”

As CBD has risen to prominence as a consumer wellness product, it has led to a massive boom in hemp cultivation worldwide. 

With this industry becoming more sophisticated, alternative growing options such as eco-friendly hybrid greenhouses are becoming more realistic options. These greenhouses provide energy efficiency by harnessing the power of the sun mixed with LED lighting, while simultaneously providing benefits of controlled indoor cultivation.

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CEO of Wheatfield Gardens standing in front of their 200,000 sq. ft. greenhouse.


From Seed-to-STIK


How We Grow

Our hemp plants are grown in Buffalo, NY in a Biodynamic Greenhouse. The farm is built in line with our mission of sustainability and sets the standard in environmental protection. The facility boasts a completely temperature-controlled ecosystem, where our plants never touch soil or the outside air. The greenhouse is entirely powered by a natural gas engine, capturing the output and producing clean CO2 to the plants. Most importantly, our greenhouse uses 95% recycled water; 95% less than field grown hemp. After harvesting, only the finest hemp buds containing the most CBD are sent to be processed.


How We Extract

We then extract the most valuable parts of the plant including CBD, as well as other minor cannabinoids, and terpenes; resulting in a golden, molasses-like oil, called distillate. At the core of each STIK is our proprietary ‘CBD Wellness’, a blend of broad spectrum, water-soluble CBD. It is created by putting the distillate through our unique nano emulsification process; during which, the molecules of the oil are broken down into tiny particles. This process increases bioavailability, allowing you to accept nearly all 10mg of CBD included in each STIK, and produces a faster onset timing than oil-based products.


Finishing Touches

We then blend our proprietary CBD Wellness with strategically selected, all-natural ingredients, known and used by consumers for generations to deal with everyday afflictions such as trouble falling asleep (melatonin and chamomile), stress management (lemon balm), or post workout muscle recovery (ginger and turmeric). Each of our STIKs is then finished with a dash of Monk Fruit, which serves as an all-natural, zero calorie, alternative to artificial sweeteners or added sugars. After the product is thoroughly tested by a 3rd party lab, it is packaged up and ready to be enjoyed in any beverage.


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Lifestyle image of the HOLISTIK stress STIK leaned up against a glass with a lemon garnish
Lifestyle image of the HOLISTIK sleep STIK leaned up against a glass with some chamomile laying next to the glass
Lifestyle image of the HOLISTIK recover STIK leaned up against a glass with ginger roots for decoration
Lifestyle image of the HOLISTIK beauty STIK leaned up against a glass with some collagen in a bowl and a lipstick sitting on top of a hemp leaf
Lifestyle image of the HOLISTIK digest STIK leaned up against a glass with a half of a papaya in the background and some turmeric in a small bowl in the foreground