Our Favorite Cannabis Products for Self Care & Self Love on Valentine's Day

Our Favorite Cannabis Products for Self Care & Self Love on Valentine's Day

This Valentine’s Day, don’t forget to show a little love to the most important person in your life—you

Whether you’re in a relationship, single, or doing the socially distant dating thing, there’s always room for self-love in your life. If living through a pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that taking good care of yourself is an incredibly important practice. Self-care doesn’t just help you feel better and get through tough times, it can also help improve your health and life overall.

One of our favorite ingredients for self-care is cannabis. Whether you’re using hemp-derived CBD dominant products to manage everyday ailments, all around wellness without the high, or turning to THC and other cannabinoids for their different list of therapeutic effects, there’s no doubt that cannabis can help with self-care. But how can you know which cannabis product is best for you?

There are thousands of self-care products out there, and for Valentine’s Day we’re all about indulging in romantic moments of self-love and relaxation. Keep reading to get our recommendations for the most luxurious and effective cannabis and CBD products for setting a sweet, sexy, or soothing mood this Valentine’s Day and beyond!

Best Cannabis Products for Valentines Day


One of our favorite forms of self-care is skincare. Taking the time for a Manuka Honey and CBD Face Mask or a fancy-feeling CBD Face Potion means choosing to spend a few precious moments on yourself rather than stressing about something else. Another easy way to use CBD for skincare is to nourish your skin from the inside out with a HOLISTIK beauty STIK.

Bath Products

A good soak in the tub with herbal aromatherapy is the ultimate self-care goal. These CBD + Cacao Bath Salts from Foria Wellness have a blend of sweet-smelling herbs and flowers inside, including rose petals and dried peppermint that will turn your bath into a beautiful oasis. With 200mg CBD and cacao, this dreamy blend will awaken the senses while soothing your body and mind.


While you soak, you can light this Hemp Seed Sensual  Massage Candle for a little aromatherapy, and a treat for once you’re out of the bath. Made from hemp seed and coconut oil, and infused with an alluring rosebud scent, the melted wax from this candle becomes a slippery and sensual massage oil that hydrates and nourishes the skin.

CBD Flower

Another way to bring more chill to your bathtime (or anytime, really!) is to indulge in some herbal relaxation. On the rare occasion we love smoking CBD (better than smoking anything else) mixed with natural beneficial herbs to encourage rest, creativity, and dreams. Barbari’s herbal hemp flower blends will help set the mood and make you feel great. If you want to enjoy the therapeutic benefits of CBD without the smoke, you can also try this delicious Blackberry CBD Mini Vape from Bloom Farms.


For ladies looking to make their Valentine’s Day a bit more steamy, try using one of these intimate serums by Quim for solo or partnered playtime. You can choose between the THC and CBD blends based on your desired experience, but all of them  are infused with cannabis and all-natural oils that are designed to increase blood flow and sensation while decreasing tension or pain during sexy time.


Sometimes the simplest self-care is the most effective. That’s why HOLISTIK makes easy-to-use, on-the-go STIKs with pre-dosed portions of Fast Acting, Water-Soluble CBD Wellness and supportive natural ingredients. The stress STIK is perfect for winding down after a long day, and the sleep STIK will help you drift off into dreamland. Or, give yourself the gift of a HOLISTIK Wellness Sampler Pack so you can try them all and find out which recipe for self-care works best for you!


Speaking of simple self-care, there’s nothing more easily indulgent than a delicious cookie. We love all of Big Pete’s delicious variety of cookies, not just for the delicious taste, but also for the feeling of chill that they leave us with. The Cinnamon Sugar and the Peanut Butter Oatmeal Chocolate Chip mini cookies are two of our top picks.


Getting a good night’s sleep may seem like a simple pleasure, but it’s crucial for self-care. We love these cozy hemp sheets from Jungmaven for their lightness, breathability, and incredible soft texture that only gets more and more comfortable over time. Since they’re made out of hemp, this sheet set also has the added benefit of being antibacterial and antimicrobial!


We also love hemp fabric for our more intimate items, including bras and underwear. Wama Hemp Underwear makes simple and sustainable undergarments from breathable, all-natural, and antibacterial hemp fiber. They’re super cute while being gentler on your skin as well as the planet, which makes them perfect for Valentine’s Day and everyday!


Doing little things to show love for yourself is just as important as showing love for family, friends, and special relationships in your life. There’s no better time to practice self-love than on this heart-filled holiday.  So go ahead and indulge—because you deserve to spend some time taking care of yourself and making yourself feel good this Valentine’s Day!

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