Holiday Recipe: Sparkling Stress Reliever Mocktail

Holiday Recipe: Sparkling Stress Reliever Mocktail

By: Sara Baker (@sara.j.baker)

It’s goes without saying that 2020 has been a whirlwind. With so much uncertainty, it seems like stress levels are through the roof. I love mixing up a little refreshing mocktail to free me of stress from the inside out. 

I love something sweet and refreshing, but not TOO sweet. I don’t like to drink my calories, so I always tend to go for something a little on the healthy side. Something sparkling, light, and fruity. You can sub the sparkling water for some wine to make this recipe a sangria or add some Titos to turn this mocktail into a cocktail. 

The key ingredient is the HOLISTIK Wellness CBD STIK. It helps relax my mind and body and helps me stay calm and focused. Oh, and did I mention that this would make a great drink to serve around the holidays? What’s better than something refreshing and something that will keep you relaxed and stress free during the busy holiday season?  


-  1 orange freshly juiced 

-  1 can coconut LaCroix (can substitute for any sparkling water of choice) 

-  2 tablespoons cranberry juice 

-  Ice 



      1.  Add the coconut LaCroix, cranberry juice, and freshly juiced orange into a glass and mix well

      2.  Add HOLISTIK stress STIK (peel and stir or pop and pour)  

      3.  Add ice 

      4.  Optional: top with orange slices and cranberries